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Quoisexuality is a term for disidentifying with sexual orientation or the ace/allo binary. The use of the prefix quoi- originates with Quoiromantic.[1] While quoisexuality is sometimes defined as being unable to distinguish sexual attraction from another type of attraction, this is not its only (or even primary) use.[2]

Quoisexual experiences may include:

  • Being unsure if you experience attraction or not
  • Being unable to understand attraction as a concept or feeling
  • Finding the concept of attraction inaccessible, inapplicable, nonsensical
  • Being unable to define sexual attraction and so unable to say whether or not you experience it
  • Having difficulty distinguishing sexual attraction from other types of attraction
  • Struggling to find a sexual orientation that is applicable to you because attraction is too complicated or because none seem to fit
  • Not experiencing sexuality, sexual orientation or sexual attraction as it is normally defined