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Lithsexuality, or akoisexual, is a sexual orientation condition where the individual feels sexual attraction with the condition that it is not reciprocated or acted upon.

People of this sexuality experience sexual attraction up until the point it is reciprocated or acted upon. They are essentially sex-repulsed, but only if the sexual scenario involves them.

People of this sexuality still experience sexual attraction or arousal, but only when they aren't participating in a sexual encounter or pose as a target of someone else's sexual attraction.

Hence, it is a common pattern for people of this sexuality to be attracted to unavailable people. Although they might wish for their feelings to be reciprocated during that time span, their feelings will suddenly vanish once confronted with reciprocation or an actual sexual encounter.

A lot of lithsexuals feel emotionally distressed by their sexuality, as it hinders them from committing to a sexual relationship.

It is possible for some lithsexuals to be comfortable with another person, as long as the relationship is kept purely romantic. However, the romantic identity can also align.